Eureka's psychedelic interlude...

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Eureka's psychedelic interlude...

Post by admin » Fri May 07, 2004 10:54 pm

... may be coming to an end. Mr Hamilton has now decided to do my job for me(hurrah!) and come up with the following workaround:

at the end of Eureka's !Run file where it calls its !RunImage, replace the Run command with the following:

ToolSprites <Eureka$Dir>.Resources.Tools3D
Run "<Eureka$Dir>.Resources.!RunImage" %*0

This has the effect of replacing the toolsprites (used for drawing the window furniture) for the duration that Eureka is running, but AFAICS the only loss is that your iconise button looks a bit strange (you could edit the Tools3D file to correct this too, if you want).

It's perhaps less offensive than the nice purple hue that it currently gives.

Ian's discovery means that I can now see what's happening; with the arrival of RO5.01 (IIRC) the ROM-based toolsprites were changed to include masks (so that you can see the window colours through the sprites). Eureka doesn't expect this and doesn't use the mask, resulting in lurid colours being displayed where pixels should be transparent.

I'll change Aemulor to resolve this in the next release.

Many thanks to Ian!