Cino - Is it still alive?

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Cino - Is it still alive?

Post by leeshep » Tue Oct 18, 2005 8:18 pm

Hi Aemulor team !!!

Hows !Cino looking (i noticed it wasn't mentioned in your SE Show announcement and got worried ;-) ) Will it be possible to play DVD's on the Iyonix? How long do you think it will be untill its available? If its not going to be possible (hopefully not the case) will the sound card drivers still be worked on?


Lee Shepherd

PS Will the new version of !Aemulor allow me to use !HWUTL (how we used to live) it was produced by YITM and uses !Replay quite a lot.

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Post by admin » Tue Oct 18, 2005 11:39 pm

There's no need for alarm. Cino as it stands does work, but it's not good and I dislike releasing software until I'm happy with it, or at last charging for it. There's still a lot of work required to make it a good program, hence it's taken a back seat for the other programs that can be completed sooner.

Re the sound card, I'm uncertain at the moment; I have (or at least had) working stereo output from the SBLive5.1 and Audigy cards but not usable as a direct replacement for the RISC OS sound system; it was just a port of the Linux driver which didn't seem to work terribly well - though I may have missed something (besides the lack of hardware documentation!) To be frank I have to concentrate on that stuff that's likely to be useful to more users.

The pre-release of Aemulor Pro 2.32 does indeed run HWUTL. I have to confess that I have some reliability problems with even the 32-bit Replay, though these are present when using the CD on my SA RiscPC with RO4.02 too, so it's probably not a fault with Aemulor itself and rather something that needs fixing in Replay. It's possible to induce these failures by just feeding the movie file to the 32-bit !ARPlayer.

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