AemulorPro and RiScript 4.15

Report compatibility issues running 26-bit applications under the Aemulor Pro

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clive bonsall

AemulorPro and RiScript 4.15

Post by clive bonsall » Thu May 13, 2004 11:06 pm

I have just downloaded and installed AemulorPro.

One of the few 26-bit applications I have installed on my Iyonix 5.06 is RiScript v4.15. This ran quite happily under Aemulor, but fails to run under AemulorPro with the message:

Insufficient Memory (RiScript VM)

What am I doing wrong?

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Post by admin » Fri May 14, 2004 2:38 am

RiScript 4.15 still runs fine here.

Have you changed anything else on your system? Is there a lot of other software running?

I expect, from the error message, that it can't create its dynamic area. Have you tried changing RiScript's settings in Aemulor's Applications window to "Use low addresses for dynamic areas?" This may help resolve address space shortages if you have a lot of 32-bit software running. Conversely, unticking it may help if you have a lot of 26-bit software running and using low addresses.

When does it fail? When you start the app, or when you load a (possibly large) file into it?

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