Nevryon + Technodream (APDL version)

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Nevryon + Technodream (APDL version)

Post by Matt » Wed Nov 10, 2004 8:56 pm

Has anybody got the new re-release of Nevryon/Technodream from APDL? if so what happens on your machine? on mine Nevryon runs fine, music too fast but i'm sure one the game fix programs will sort that out.

Technodream however, starts correctly, music plays at the right speed, the title sequences all work properly, but when the hour-glass appears it just sticks there, music playing and cant' do anything, is this what happens on everyones machine? would future versions of Aemulor Pro be able to run it ? its almost there, just not quite and theres no error message or nothing it just stops.

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