Wesnoth + Aemulor

Report compatibility issues running 26-bit applications under the Aemulor Pro

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Wesnoth + Aemulor

Post by admin » Mon Feb 07, 2005 12:30 am

I think the problem you're seeing is caused by memory leaks in the game; if you run it windowed then you'll see that it's slot size increases to over 28MB only a couple of mouse clicks into starting a campaign. I get the same crash on my SA RiscPC (limited to 28MB/task) as I do with Aemulor Pro running on the Iyonix.

Whether it's supposed to use this much memory, I couldn't say - maybe it will grow and then level off? - but there's clearly no checking/reporting of memory exhaustion and it soon demands more than it can have with Aemulor running (at least with current versions; it may be possible to remove this restriction upon 32-bit tasks, but no promises).

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