Req: Format of !Boot.Choices.Aemulor.Config

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Req: Format of !Boot.Choices.Aemulor.Config

Post by simon_smith » Wed Aug 31, 2005 2:55 pm

I obtained a collection of Aemulor configs a long while back, in a nice digestible file with this format:


The boot choices file is a mess in comparison, and if you add a new app by dragging it to the Aemulor icon, it's added with its full path. Thus I've got X-Run appearing about four times. (X-Run runs again! Yay!)

So, I have a few minor UI suggestions/requests:
1) Pls make Aemulor's Config file as human-readable as the update.php file quoted above
2) Or publish the format of the Config file so that I can edit it without worrying I've mucked something up.
3) And/or make the application list sortable - or possibly even have it sort itself into alphabetical order by default
4) Make it possible to add an application either with its full path, or with a wildcard path (as in *.!BeebArc et al)
Personally, I would prefer it if Aemulor added apps with wildcard path names by default, but I guess that might occasionally cause problems.

The easiest would just be to publish the current format of the Config file - I'd be quite happy to write a little program to manage my config changes and keep my application list neatly sorted. I doubt the format of the config file is ever likely to change significantly ... ?

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Post by admin » Wed Aug 31, 2005 10:06 pm

Aemulor's Choices file was always intended to be machine readable only, because it contains more information than just the list of applications, and will be extended by future versions of Aemulor.

Although Aemulor should be robust against damaged files, you shouldn't edit it manually because, at the very least, you'll probably lose some applications from the configuration.

Re your requests, the soon-to-be-released new version allows you to add the wildcarded name '*.!BeebArc' by holding down the Shift key when you drag BeebArc into the window, which is something that was suggested to me some time ago. You can already achieve the same effect by using the 'Add' button in that window.

This version also includes an improved search facility - just hit 'F4' and (start to) type 'Schema2' and the window will scroll to the entry for the !Schema2 and highlight it. The list is not sorted alphabetically because Aemulor matches the top entries first, so their order is significant if some entries are wildcarded, or one entry is a subdirectory of another.

I hope this addresses your points. If not, please clarify what it is that you are trying to do.

Personally, I'm not a fan of plain text config files; I would much rather have a good UI that makes things easier for both the user and the program (for example, in the section that you typed in your post, the correct form is '*.!RickDang' with a full stop, not a comma.)

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