DeskDebug is still developed and maintained further!

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DeskDebug is still developed and maintained further!

Post by WeissDeals » Fri Feb 29, 2008 7:43 pm

I still develop and maintain DeskDebug further! I am working on the upgrade to version 1.10 with not only some bugfixes and improvements, but also useful new features. Therefore the planned version will be a chargeable upgrade. I already implemented or intend to implement the following new features:
  1. History buffer for the "Search" and "Set Break on SWI" windows. Entries in the writeable fields of the mentioned window are stored in History buffers, if a search was successfull, or if a SWI number or name is valid. This allows you to re-use such search strings or SWI names or numbers again later. Indeed there are separate History buffers for the "Set Break on SWI" window and search strings for source file names, low level symbols, procedure names and variable names.
  2. Mangled "C++" names are unmangled and therefore easier to read. I intend to enhance the "Search" facility so, that it will accept clear "C++" names.
  3. I just implemented conditional break-points at assembler level. This feature can be used to cause halts on wimp events too. Indeed I consider to improve this feature so, that high level language programmers can use it too.
  4. Further features may follow; I will update this list.
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