Aemulor Professional released

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Aemulor Professional released

Post by aemulor » Thu May 06, 2004 3:54 pm

We are pleased to announce the public release of Aemulor Professional - the enhanced 26-bit emulator for Iyonix PC

Aemulor Pro includes all the features of Aemulor, and adds many new emulation features along with over 50 different compatibility improvements and bug fixes; all of which result in vastly increasing the number of applications which can now be run on the Iyonix PC.

New features include:

  • Support for low-bpp (2/4/16 colour) screen modes which are not provided natively by the NVidia graphics card. Many games and some desktop applications (notably Sibelius) require these screen modes.

  • 26-bit sound module support (voice generators, linear handlers, channel handlers and schedulers)

  • 26-bit filing system support (eg. CFS, LanMan98FS, WebFS, Win95FS)

  • Simple emulation of the Archimedes hardware (VIDC/IOC) or Risc PC hardware (VIDC20/IOMD) which is directly accessed by some games.

  • Altered memory map and hardware configuration is presented to 26-bit code that expects certain addresses and controllers.

  • 26-bit task window allowing * commands to be issues to 26-bit modules running under Aemulor.

  • New ?Tasks? window showing all the applications running under Aemulor, their emulation mode and their memory usage.

  • Many user interface changes

  • New ARM3 emulation mode for those really old games which don?t work on the RiscPC

Full details of all the changes, additions and bug fixes in Aemulor Pro can be found in the release notes in the product documentation section on the website, along with a new manual.

Aemulor Pro costs ?99+vat

Existing users of Aemulor can upgrade to Aemulor Pro for the difference in price between the two which is ?49+vat

A time limited but fully featured demo version of Aemulor Professional can also be downloaded from this website.

There is a new Aemulor Pro FAQ which explains how to upgrade from one version to another

Compatibility database
We have updated the compatibility database with all the applications tested so far during development and beta testing. You are invited to add the results of your own testing of your application suite if they dont already exist in the database. You have to be logged in to do this.

Please read the ReadMe enclosed in the Aemulor Pro zip file as this contains important details about running the new version. Note that for many games to run, additional entries are required to your MDF (monitor definition file). A suitable one can be downloaded from the support page.

As usual, please check the support forums for any known issues or to report new ones - there is a category specifically for Aemulor Pro.

Finally, we hope you enjoy using even more of your software collection on the Iyonix!

The Aemulor Team
Aemulor - the 26 bit ARM emulator for XScale

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