Geminus screen acceleration released

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Geminus screen acceleration released

Post by aemulor » Fri Dec 09, 2005 6:29 am

We are pleased to announce that Geminus (screen acceleration) software for IYONIX pc is now available for purchase and download. The price for all the acceleration features is ?40+vat (?47)

Since the beta release last month, we've tuned the caching algorithm and added a new acceleration feature - DMA transfers for "Tinct" plotted sprites (as used by Netsurf and Firefox) plus fixed the reported bugs.

The impressive list of "real world" things that Geminus now accelerates are:
  • Drawing window background textures.

    Drawing window furniture.('Toolsprites')

    Sprite plotting, especially large sprites such as backdrops and camera images. Geminus uses DMA hardware to plot the sprite 3-5 times faster than the OS sprite plotting routines can manage.

    Sprites are remembered in off-screen video memory, so that they can be plotted again much more quickly. This helps large Filer windows and applications that use a lot of sprites such as !Paint.

    Rendering of web pages in NetSurf and Firefox via Tinct (uses the DMA acceleration for large images/pages, and faster sprite plotting for rotated/swapped modes)

    Redrawing of window as other windows are moved around. Window contents are remembered (cached) in the extra video memory on the graphics card(s) so that they can be redrawn much more quickly when another window is moved across them.

    This makes complex applications such as ArtWorks, Oregano2, PDF, NetSurf and others much smoother in use.

    Selecting rows and columns in !Paint.
    (rectangle inversions are performed using the hardware and are hundreds of times faster than doing them in software with RISC OS 5)

    Drawing horizontal and vertical lines (eg. window borders).
Geminus (screen acceleration) needs no additional hardware or graphics cards - we use the features of the IYONIX hardware and existing NVidia graphics card supplied with every IYONIX. If you are lucky enough to own Geminus (multi-monitor) with two graphics cards, the screen acceleration and caching code makes full use of all available cards.

Geminus (screen rotation) users will also notice a significant performace boost offered by the caching and acceleration features in rotated screen modes.

Existing Geminus users may upgrade to the latest code (v1.10) for their respective versions for free which has had improvements in memory usage (saving 16Mb)

If you have already downloaded the beta release, we have upgraded this to the full demo version which you may just re-download from the "my software" page. We've also made sure that everyone has at least one download credit available if you had previously run out. As with all our software, the demo version is fully featured but time limited allowing you to fully try out the software before purchasing.

If you already own one of the other Geminus features, you may add the screen acceleration from the same "my software" page - just click on the "add features" link next to the copy you wish to upgrade.

New users can purchase any combination of features - multi-screen driver, screen rotation and acceleration; according to your needs.

The release notes and online documentationhave also been updated.


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