Aemulor compatibility improves

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Aemulor compatibility improves

Post by admin » Sat Apr 19, 2003 1:26 am

Aemulor can now run applications written before RO4 thanks to the efforts of Jan ( an A310 emulator that now, thanks to Aemulor, runs on the Iyonix and allows me to play with Arthur OS for the first time.... I moved straight from the Electron OS 1.20 to the RISC OS 2.00 A3000 and completely missed out on Arthur.

So, if you want to see Arthur and you already have Aemulor, then download from the above address.... but you DO need a copy of the 26-bit BASIC module.... ie. before version 1.32..... 1.32 and later versions are incapable of running the BASIC !RunImage file for some reason; I'll look into this, though at the moment I consider it a problem in the 32-bit BASIC since stealing this version of the BASIC module and running it on
my RiscPC gives the same problems; hopefully this will be fixed soon.

'Til then, if you want to run !Emulator you'll need to save the BASIC
module from a RO4 machine (eg. using !Zap) and drag this module
file onto Aemulor; then type *Quit before dragging !Emulator onto
Aemulor.... then !Emulator will run under emulation and allow you to
run (very old) RISC OS programs... albeit slowly, since the BASIC
module is also being emulated; watch this space! ;-)


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