Happy Birthday To You!

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Happy Birthday To You!

Post by admin » Wed Aug 06, 2003 11:45 pm

I've just realised that the first build of Aemulor - well it was called ARM26Emu in those days - was dated 05 Aug 2002, so Aemulor is now just over a year old.... and I missed its birthday :-(

ARM26Emu version 1.00 was a RISC OS module that ran on RISC OS 4 running 26-bit application code under emulation.... and it only ran applications that didn't use modules.

It was around the time that MD first started talking about including an XScale processor in the Omega, IIRC, and I was thinking about how we could run all the old 26-bit software... in those days I knew nothing of Castle's wonderful new machine.

Haven't things changed since then?


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