Director, Reporter & StrongHelp -> version 2.21

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Director, Reporter & StrongHelp -> version 2.21

Post by admin » Fri Aug 08, 2003 1:40 pm

Thanks to all for their reports... there's a bug in Aemulor 2.20 which prevents 32-bit versions of Director, Reporter & StrongHelp starting properly when Aemulor is switched to 'run all 26-bit code automatically.'

I've released version 2.21 which fixes this problem (the bug probably affects a few other 32-bit apps as well), so check the download section again if you've encountered this problem.

A stupid mistake in my code, sorry.

It shows up when a 32-bit app tries to RMRun a module that has a 'start' entry and there are no parameters supplied in the RMRun command, so it's quite specific & hence I missed it. :-(


PS. Of the 3 apps l listed, I'd only used/tested StrongHelp and I was using the 26-bit version which is fine! ;-)

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