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Time passes

Post by admin » Sun Oct 12, 2003 4:53 am

I'm very much aware of time passing, and I had intended to release the first version of Aemulor Pro round about now, so I'm feeling a little guilty... I hope you'll forgive me, but Neil & I have been working on something new for the Iyonix (we were going to remain silent & surprise people - weren't we, Neil? ;-) - but since he's alluded to it on the newsgroups I guess I can too); since the Iyonix arrived I've wanted to write something new for the RISC OS world. Now I'm doing that.

In the meantime I want to reassure people that Aemulor /will/ be developed further. It's great news that Impression will be converted to 32-bit, at least if it is /enhanced/ as well... Aemulor is (and always was)
intended to help us (the RISC OS users) move forwards; it cannot improve 26-bit apps, at best it can hope to make them faster. Ideally all apps would be converted, and - following the conversion of ArtWorks, PhotoDesk and now Impression, I've decided to attack Sibelius next in the hope that we'll provoke someone into converting that too! ;-)

There are still a lot of apps that aren't 32-bit compatible; in fact I'm still using 3 daily whilst developing, plus many downloaded apps. Since getting this Iyonix online and using Browse daily for web access (IMO it still has the best interface) I've discovered some stability issues; they seem only to affect Browse but I mention them in case anyone else is using Browse regularly and encountering similar problems. They will be sorted - if nobody writes a half-decent web browser with a Browse-like interface soon then I'll change Aemulor such that Browse runs seamlessly ;-)

Anyway I have code to write, see you at Guildford I hope...


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