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Post by admin » Sat Feb 28, 2004 4:12 pm

The state of play at the South West Show, for those who aren't going (myself included):

* Sound support is fine, though Neil has reported that a critical application - ArcElite ;) - doesn't produce a peep, so it's just possible that I've missed something.

* Filing systems fine, complete AFAIK - woo! :D

* Low-bpp modes are working, but I haven't got the palette code sorted yet so all the screen colours are funny! I expect to see some embarrassing photos on the web if Neil does demo this :)

* Speed enhancements for Pro (these are independent of the JIT, they're refinements to the SA engine) are coded, present and working for some apps. There's a fault here I need to track down.

* JIT compiler partially-implemented but disabled for the demo, because it still needs completing

We also have a faster version of Cino which plays more smoothly than our first demo at the Guildford show, but since the code hasn't received much attention (I've been busy on Pro!), don't expect full performance yet.

Also, the Dolby decoding is being done by 3rd party code in this demo and it's eating more CPU than we can spare; in due course it'll be replaced with handtuned code written with the XScale in mind.


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