Sibelius comes to Iyonix

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Sibelius comes to Iyonix

Post by admin » Thu Mar 11, 2004 12:35 am

With the changes made for Aemulor Pro I'm happy to report that Sibelius 7 is now running on the Iyonix. Both in desktop mode and full-screen.

If you need proof, the obligatory screenshots can be found here: ... b7desk.jpg

and running full-screen here: ... b7full.jpg

(Hmmm.... ought to hassle Neil to get some screenshots & a 'walk-through introduction' to Aemulor on the website.... the site kind of assumes that visitors know what Aemulor is and what it does ATM)

As can be seen from the first image, it's running with the StrongARM engine so it's nice and slick. You can also see that I'm not much of a musician! - if anybody has any test files that I can have to play with, please let me know.

Over Aemulor, Pro adds support for low-colour screen modes (Sibelius needs a 4-colour screen), including support for multiple banks (again required by Sibelius) to allow smooth screen updates. A number of demos use this as well.

The low-colour modes provided by Pro can be used exactly as if they were native modes so you can use them in the desktop (though I'm not sure why you'd want to run your Iyonix with a 16-colour desktop!) or type MODE 0-7 for those nostalgic BBC modes (5 words per line and just 4 colours) :D

The current code makes each of your native modes available with 1-,2- and 4bpp. I plan to introduce scaling code so that the old 640 x 256 modes will be displayed using a 640 x 480 native mode, for example, allowing you to run old games/programs without letterboxing.

I don't know whether this will make it into the first release but I think it'll be useful because you'll then be able to use any screen mode, whatever the capabilities of your monitor.

About the promised speed improvements, there will be some small tweaks for better performance in the first version of Pro but I think you'll have to be patient... a free update will follow when I'm happy with it. The latest dev code is faster but not by all that much (serves me right for tuning the SA engine in Aemulor!) and still in a state of flux but I'd rather not delay Pro's release any longer.

Right, that's about all for now.... oh, last chance to get your name on the beta list for Pro. We've now got all the functionality we've promised, and Sib7 running as requested, so I've got a bit of tidying up to do and then we'll be getting in touch with those of you who've offered to help. (I think we'll probably upload the Pro beta to the website and ask you to download it rather than bombard your mailboxes.)



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Post by johnduffell » Tue Mar 30, 2004 1:56 pm

Does MIDISupport itself work with aemulator? Obviously no drivers are available for iyonix yet but the module itself.

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