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Pro Beta & PipeDream

Post by admin » Tue May 04, 2004 2:02 am

PipeDream 4.50 has been seen to hang when trying to open Chart files with either of the two Aemulor Pro Beta releases (2.29b and 2.29e). It's likely that other operations also induce this problem.

The problem is caused by a change in the Castle SharedCLibrary that Aemulor runs on behalf of 26-bit C programs.

PipeDream worked correctly with the earlier version 5.43 that was supplied with Aemulor 2.21. The Pro Beta releases have both been shipped with 5.46 which induces this problem with PipeDream and which fails in exactly the same way when used on the RO4 RiscPC.

Fortunately Castle has now released an updated version, 5.47, which fixes this problem. It can be downloaded from

By copying the CLib module supplied in !System.Modules.310 into the directory $.!Boot.Choices.Aemulor.Modules and restarting Aemulor you can use version 5.47 with the existing Pro Beta release.

Check that it says 5.47 alongside SharedCLibrary in the Aemulor Modules window and you should now find that PipeDream works as expected.



PS. It's worth using the updated CLib in this manner since the fault may also affect other C applications that you test. Aemulor Pro will, of course, be released with 5.47 instead to avoid this problem in future.

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