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Post by admin » Fri May 07, 2004 6:36 am

If there's anyone out there wanting to run TopModel2 on their Iyonix could they please let us know what happens when they try to run it under Aemulor (Pro)?

This is a followup to the comments on Drobe, where people have suggested that support for TM2 is important, yet nobody has previously mentioned it to us, and the copy I have tested fails to load files on my RO4 SA RiscPC (even with the cache disabled) and, equally, doesn't work under Aemulor (Pro)*.

Thanks in advance,


* This copy of TM2 causes a machine freeze with current versions of Aemulor, whilst it does at least startup under RO4. This is because the Gemini module inside !TopRes is fundamentally broken, but by changing Aemulor slightly so that it's behaviour more closely matches RO4 I can get exactly the same behaviour as on my RO4 RPC.

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