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Aemulor progress

Post by admin » Sat Aug 27, 2005 4:56 pm

Ooh, look at the time; it's been 10 days already since the last update, so here's what's new, now that Aemulor's got my attention again for a while:

- Fixed the infamous 'Shutdown/Restart bug' whereby Aemulor's presence can sometimes
prevent you from pressing the 'Restart' button

- Fixed the RAM disc-resizing hang (rapid resizing of the RAM disc whilst Aemulor is present
with 'auto run 26-bit apps' selected), which actually seems to be an OS bug, but there you go.

- Got !TouchType working (neat little app). Apparently I can type at 105wpm.
I wish I could write working code that fast! This needs Pro because !TouchType makes good use sound.

- Got 26-bit Acorn !Replay working under Pro, which may sound utterly pointless but the main
problem was the absence of proper IOMD Timer 1 emulation, and this is required by some other programs such as emulators and games, so it does have other uses.

- Implemented support for 26-bit filters (proivided by the FilterManager module), which should
allow a few more desktop enhancement-type proggies to run. Also required by a couple of
Bablake's educational CDs. (Filters will be in Pro only)

- Speaking of which, most of Bablake's CDs are now running (something you will - at long
last! :roll: be glad to hear, Gary). There are still some reliability issues to be sorted out over the next few days.

Neil's away for a short while, during which time I aim to get a few more apps running and wrap up the above points. After that there will be an update to both Aemulor and Pro.

In other news, I've made a bit more progress on the Aemulor JIT, though nothing that will benefit A9home users just yet, and Geminus ran on a 3 nVIDIA card set up for the first time last night, and happily worked first time - so here's the obligatory, stupidly large desktop: ... lescrn.jpg
(Warning: this is a 900KB download, and looks almost exactly as uninspiring as the previous screengrabs that I've uploaded here!)

*goes in search of a third eye, with which to watch two DVDs on his left & righthand screens whilst still pretending to work on the middle screen. I may have to upgrade the CPU first, though ;)*

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Aemulor progress

Post by bablakejs » Mon Aug 29, 2005 10:59 am

Excellent news! OK, I'll be ordering another (erm, counts on fingers) yes, 14 copies of AemulorPro. However it is a bit of pain to upgrade Aemulor on all these machines, so I'd rather wait a little before downloading most of the copies. I assume you'll announce the new release in all the usual places? And it won't be too long?
-Gary Locock

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