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Another update

Post by admin » Sat Dec 14, 2002 3:30 am

Just to let you know that things are still happening. I know I've been a bit quiet on here lately...

Have finally got around to putting everything I've tested into the database so that you can search for your favourite apps. Looks as though we've picked up quite a few apps as Aemulor has improved. I'm not quite sure when it happened; last time I ran through Neil's collection of apps we had only about 10 that were working properly. Looks a lot better now :)

I keep getting requests for demo copies of Aemulor too - it's being demoed by Steffen Huber and Paul Reuvers at the German and Dutch launches of the Iyonix respectively. So, thanks to them for their help.

What else? Erm... wel, mainly compatibility improvements; a couple of small speed increases since the Midlands Show and the rather interesting discovery that a temporary workaround I put in Aemulor for development use, seems to have resulted in quite a performance hit....

So it may just be that we've been running slower than we should have been. Still investigating, watch this space.

After a bit more tidying up - and finishing the code (some SWIs etc are not yet handled) - we should hopefully be sending out copies for beta testing. Should be before Christmas at any rate.

Finally, sorry to all those lucky people who have bought an Iyonix PC, but can't run their 26-bit apps yet. Please be patient! And if you're not on the Castle developer list, but want to help with beta testing, drop either Neil or myself an email.

Oh, and be careful about trying to run 26-bit apps natively - it invariably doesn't work (failing with either a "Application is not 32-bit compatible" error, or sometimes an instruction/data abort). But also I have seen some apps that actually cause RISC OS 5 to crash.

So I'd suggest saving your work before trying any old apps to find out whether they are 32-bit compatible!

The ARMTwister emulator for Iyonix PC :wink:

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