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Latest developments

Post by admin » Wed Nov 30, 2005 10:42 am

Geminus acceleration code is very nearly ready to be unleashed for real. I've fixed the known bugs and the redraw cacheing is now quite a lot smarter than in the beta version. This can make quite a difference to the feel of the desktop, especially with Oregano2, Firefox, PDF, ArtWorks and AWViewer which are all rather slow to redraw their windows.

Also made some progress on the R/B swapping code which is now quite a bit leaner, although it's notable how little of the desktop actually requires swapping with Geminus accelerating operations such as line drawing and sprite rendering. Only application code is affected really.

In other news, I've done a bit more work on Cino, though I'm still keen to clear the project list of everything else so that I can focus solely upon tuning Cino's video and audio decoding (which is still a lot of work).

Music DVDs are actually watchable with Cino using the YUV overlay hardware and manage typically 10-12fps, though this can still lead to audio breakup (or rather a sort of vibrato effect because it's peridiocally decoding too late).

Cino can now request off-screen storage from the Geminus module (which obviously uses the storage for cacheing sprites and window contents), using an API that will be publically documented soon (uh oh, that word again!). Result: Video no longer overwrites the cached sprites and windows, giving interesting redraw effects across the desktop.

Expect Geminus acceleration release some time this week.

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