Aemulor's new persona

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Aemulor's new persona

Post by admin » Sat Dec 14, 2002 3:37 am

People who have met Aemulor in the flesh will have seen an application directory (unimaginatively called !Aemulor :wink: ), ie. Aemulor looked like a normal application.

In fact the application front end that puts Aemulor's icon on the icon bar (left hand side) and provides configuration windows etc. has never been necessary for the emulator itself.

Aemulor is now a single module which can be dropped onto the PreDesk directory of an Iyonix and run in the background - ie. the machine will transparently run all 26-bit code whenever any is encountered.... so you can start 26-bit applications transparently, even have them start up automatically in your boot sequence.

The user interface is still available... !Aemulor appears in the Apps directory just like the ROM apps.

Having Aemulor as a single module like this also opens the way to programming it into a podule so that at a later date we may even be able to run 26-bit podule loader code, if required. But I'm getting ahead of myself there!


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