Aemulor delayed

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Aemulor delayed

Post by admin » Sun Dec 15, 2002 12:01 am

It is with regret that I inform you of a delay to Aemulor's development schedule because I have just downloaded the latest disk image from Castle, purely to get the 32-bit compatible version of Zool!!! :D

Ermmm..... I may be some time.... :wink:

Wait for it, I expect that any minute now....
<fx: Neil shouting in the background "Get back to work!">
Thought so. Oh, alright.....

Silliness aside, thanks to Druck for his help in investigating the performance hit that I mentioned earlier... the temporary code in Aemulor was causing a slowdown in the rendering of Apple4 in AWViewer.... I don't think it affected anything else very much, but the effect upon AWViewer was dramatic - increasing the rendering time from 7 seconds to 13 seconds!

So I'm very glad that we've sorted this out now.
A couple more small speedups since I last wrote, and I've also installed PhotoDesk directly from CD for the first time... obviously the installer itself is 26-bit code too. This is PhotoDesk v3.04 as current at the Guildford Show; still got one small problem to sort out though, but definitely getting there! :)


PS. I LOVE Zool!

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