Mea culpa

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Mea culpa

Post by admin » Mon Feb 03, 2003 10:57 pm

Yes, I "fess up" as Drobe so elegantly put it....we're a little
behind schedule - perhaps with hindsight we should have released
on schedule with just the interpreter engine.... but once I'd seen
what 'breakpointing' could achieve, and how much faster it makes
applications like Impression, ArtWorks, PhotoDesk, StrongED etc..
I just couldn't bring myself to release the old code.

Guess I'm just a perfectionist at heart... but everything's coming
together really well and we will be ready to release soon;
and my apologies - again - to all those waiting upon Aemulor's release.

Aemulor is, without doubt, the most difficult program I've ever
written but it's also the best... to be honest I'm very proud
of it. All will be revealed soon, just hang in there ;)

Firstly we'll have the "Demo version" available for free download
on the website... since we don't have all of the apps that our
users do, this will hopefully allow us - together - to test the
code more extensively before we move on to the release version
when we have to start charging people for our hard work.

Also, I want to say a public thank you to Neil for building the
website and handling the business + admin side of Aemulor.... I don't
know anything at all about all the web technologies - my speciality
is bits and bytes - so it's great that I don't have to worry about
all of that and can leave it in his capable hands.



BTW, on the Latin theme ("Mea culpa") I think we should have a
Latin-ised version of Aemulor; it seems only appropriate given
the name - so, any volunteers? ;)

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