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Form an orderly queue, please!

Post by admin » Sat Feb 22, 2003 6:45 am

Wahey, I met a deadline for once... okay, so it was the third one! ;)

The first demo release of Aemulor will be available for download shortly.... and should be at the RO SW Show as promised, thanks to Neil. I shalln't be there in person this time (afraid of being lynched for the delays! ;)

For anybody who's wondering why the first release is called version 2.00, that's my fault; for some reason, all those months ago, when I started out experimenting with emulating an ARM processor, I decided to start numbering from 1.00 rather than 0.10.

I have to warn you that the latest version of PhotoDesk does not work properly under this demo release; there's still one problem that I need to track down... as soon as I find out what's wrong there'll be an update on the website since I know that PhotoDesk is important to a lot of people. If you happen to still have an older version of PhotoDesk then you may find that it does what you want, at least for the moment.

Unfortunately I haven't managed to work out why it's failing yet :(
But Impression and ArtWorks are believed to work flawlessly - though I'm sure you'll prove me wrong ;) - plus about 30 other programs that I've tested... the compatibility database on the website will be updated soon.


PS. Anybody expecting Eureka to work with this demo release... we've had a few such requests... will be disappointed I'm afraid. It used to work, so evidently I've broken something... 'twill be fixed before release.

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