3840x1200 combined over two monitors?

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3840x1200 combined over two monitors?

Post by epistaxsis » Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:55 pm

I am thinking of adding another 1920x1200 monitor to my Iyonix.

This would give a combined resolution of 3840x1200.

Now the horizontal resolution is germinus OK as it is 15 x 256 but the vertical resolution is 4.69 x 256 which doesn't sound OK.

However in the Germinus product info it states that only the horizontal resolution needs to be a multiple of 256 and states the resolution 1536x1152 (where the vertical is 4.5 x 256) is OK.

So am I right in thinking that I could get 3840x1200?

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Post by admin » Sat May 05, 2007 12:57 am

I'm afraid not. It's the width of each screen that must be a multiple of 256 pixels, not the total width of your desktop.


Post by epistaxsis » Sun May 06, 2007 11:39 pm

In a previous topic you said that you were going to have a look at getting around the 256 multiplier - any luck?

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