Aemulor & Ghostscript + Gview (32bit versions)

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Aemulor & Ghostscript + Gview (32bit versions)

Post by psyco_f » Sat Apr 26, 2003 11:24 am


I've experienced strange crashes on my machine (Iyonix 512, RO 5.02) using the 32bit Version of Ghostscript and GView to render a .ps file on desktop. The machine becomes pretty unstable after that.

Then I found out, these problems disappear when Aemulor is not loaded at startup, or killed before rendering a .ps file. GView & Ghostscript ist the only app which causes this problem on my machine.
Though I do not know how Aemulor and the 32bit GS do interfere...

100 % reproduceable (at least on my machine) is the following procedure:

!Boot into desktop with Aemulor in Tasks.
(Ghostscript & GView are seen by the filer)
render a single .ps File. (which is displayed correctly)
shutting down the machine gives then:

Internal error: abort on data transfer at &fc015390 (shown in WIMP).
then the display switches to the 5sec reboot screen.
Clicking at Reboot gives Internal error: abort on data transfer at &20469bb4, and the Iyonix is shut down after the 5 seconds.

When choosing not to reboot after this procedure the machine is pretty unstable and crashes randomly (total freeze) when loading or running other programms.

Any Ideas what this could be?