How to cripple your system...

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How to cripple your system...

Post by jjvdgeer » Sat Apr 26, 2003 3:07 pm

I was trying to get !Emulator to work. So I grabbed a copy of the Basic (1.24) module, copied it to the root of my Iyonix HD. Loaded it into Aemulor and started !Emulator. But it crashed.

So I restarted the machine. Abort on datatransfers and all kinds of problems! Took away Aemulor from the PreDesk, everything was fine.

Strange, I thought, because I hadn't changed anything else on my system. So I removed the Aemulor directory from the choices directory and reinstalled Aemulor in the PreDesk. Restart...

Same problems! How strange, I thought. Then I got an idea... I removed the Basic module from the root directory. Restart!

Everything was fine this time... It seems whenever a basic program was encountered, Aemulor thought it was going to execute the basic module in the root directory, which was 26 bits, and so activated itself, apparently not too succesful. But since there already is an internal command 'Basic', I think it shouldn't have looked in the Run$Path...

Is it supposed to work like that?