PhotoReal Drivers

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PhotoReal Drivers

Post by Maj » Mon Jun 16, 2003 12:07 pm

I tried to install the Epson PhotoEX PhotoReal driver, with only partial success. The !Install application appeared to work OK but the system complained when trying to activate the driver from !Printers with an error window - PDumperEX module is not 32 bit.

Will Aemulor be able to manage this driver in future?

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Re: PhotoReal Drivers

Post by aemulor » Tue Jun 17, 2003 5:50 pm

Maj wrote:Will Aemulor be able to manage this driver in future?
The problem here is the interaction between the 32-bit !Printers, and the 26-bit PDumper module running under Aemulor.

All 26-bit modules are effectively hidden from the rest of RISC OS because they are running inside Aemulor, so the !Printers has no idea that that particular PDumper module is installed and running.

What you could try doing, is running !Printers itself under Aemulor (just remember not to tick the "Always run under Aemulor" option when you try this) and see if that gets your any further.

Aemulor Pro may add support for allowing !Printers to see PDumper modules - it depends how tricky it is to get working reliably.


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