Geminus and DPlngScan

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Geminus and DPlngScan

Post by Roberts » Sat Dec 31, 2005 4:46 pm

I found a rather weird fault with Geminus handling of JPEGs in DPlngScan.

With DPlngScan listed in 'Acceleration options' and all three options ticked ON, the following occurs:

With a large (4.5MB) JPEG loaded, if I alter the scale view from say 100% to 50% and then back to say 200%, the view correctly scales within the existing window. HOWEVER, on opening the window up further to expose more of the view, I find that the newly-exposed parts of the view are redrawn with a baffling mixture of rectangles of bits of the view (apparently at the new scale).

HOWEVER, with 'Redraw cacheing' switched OFF, all works as expected, apparently with Geminus functioning correctly.

I don't know enough (i.e. anything) about how the three plotting/cacheing options work, but clearly the RC isn't correctly doing its stuff here.


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