Geminus and resetting the graphics driver

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Geminus and resetting the graphics driver

Post by druck » Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:18 pm

Is there any procedure for RMReinit'ing the NVidia module when Geminus is active?

Currently this seems to hang the machine. It would best if Geminus could cope with NVidia being reinitialised without further action, but if its necessary to kill Geminus and reload it after, that would be acceptible.

I have an Iyonix with an original 32MB graphics card, its always suffrered from three very infrequent problems (no video signal on changing mode usually coming back from F12, screen offset left and wrapped around on the right usually after a mode change, rapidly flickering horizontal lines usually after running an application from the filer). The solution to this is to simply RMReinit NVidea and change mode to restore the display.

I accomplish this via an obey file with a short name I can run blind at F12 prompt. However with Geminus loaded this kills the machine, which is very inconvient on the few occations on which it occurs, which ofcourse is always with unsaved work.

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