Geminus and EasyView

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Geminus and EasyView

Post by admin » Fri Mar 24, 2006 5:53 pm

Thanks to Ian Hamilton for reporting a small problem with ARMWARE's !EasyView application. This fails to properly resize the window when loading successive JPEGs of different sizes, often leaving areas of a previous, larger JPEG still visible or failing to show the full extent of the new JPEG.

I have traced this to a fault in EasyView (and SpriteExtend!) itself, whereby it fails to specify the size of the JPEG image, instead passing zero to SpriteExtend/Geminus. SpriteExtend, it would appear, sadly ignores the image size (at least in this case) and returns the image properties. Geminus, in my opinion rightly, returns an error saying that the supplied 0-byte image is not a valid JPEG file, although EasyView also ignores the error and uses dimensions of its own devising.

I have informed ARMWARE of the issue, and remarkably Thomas has already fixed and updated the code, so go to his website - for the new version. :D

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