DeskDebug 1.09 is available with following improvements:

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DeskDebug 1.09 is available with following improvements:

Post by WeissDeals » Sun May 06, 2007 5:29 am

DeskDebug 1.09 is now available with the following improvements and bugfixes:
  1. Source files, that does not generate any code fragments, are now treated properly.
  2. When the "Source names" window is opened, then it is now scrolled so, that the name of the executed source file is visible in the window.
  3. If the WimpSlot is too small for the program to be examined, then an error is generated. Until now the computer crashed in this case.
  4. The memory dump can now be saved as a text file.
  5. The pointer provided by the SWI "OS_GetEnv" in R0 is now re-directed to the environment buffer in DeskDebug. This ensures, that everytime the right environment string is shown.
  6. Bug in the register dump copy routine fixed: For the FPU registers 16 instead 12 bytes were copied, so that important handler addresses were corrupted.
  7. The most SWIs with X-Bit set (except Wimp SWIs and some others) are now trapped so, that on error the error block provided in R0 is copied into a buffer in DeskDebug, and the error block pointer is altered accordingly. This prevents in the most cases, that error messages are overwritten by using the original error block, so that they become wrong.
  8. Bug in the windows generating loop fixed: DeskDebug crashed, when the examined program was started or when the icon bar menu item "Source Path" was clicked, if in the "Choices" file the debugger window positions were saved.
  9. Bug in the choices setting and saving fixed: The two options in the frame "Misc" in the "Choices" window were saved wrongly.
  10. Bug in the error handler fixed: After errors the register contents were not displayed.
  11. The SWI "Wimp_TransferBlock" is no longer trapped, but executed immediately and normally.
  12. Bug in the SWI handler fixed: The pointer to the table of hidden windows was corrupted, so that the handle of the window in front was not written into the table, when the SWI "Wimp_OpenWindow" was executed. This caused on some application, that windows did not go in the background, when the corresponding icon was clicked.
Please tell me your experiences with DeskDebug, your suggestions for it, and which additional features you wish in it!

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